Mace charity fitness challenge

DGP Logistics was proud to take part in the Mace Charity Fitness Challenge last week. The event was held at Lancer Square to raise money for children at the Belmont Special School in Cheltenham. After a highly competitive showing by all teams the cumulative distance achieved was a magnificent 247km! Andrei Popa, Heinrich Fick, Christine Page and Chris Hitches from DGP Logistics rose to the challenge and together raised £173.00.

A special mention to Christine for her personal efforts in raising additional sponsorship. With the Mace Match Funding, over £4,000 was raised on the day. Chris Hitches, Project Manager at DGP Logistics said, “This was a great opportunity to get the DGP team together with other companies and compete with each other. Outside of the construction site it brings a different sense of friendship, as opposed to just seeing other operatives in the work place.” If you would like to donate, please visit Belmont’s fundraising page at: