A fun-filled Friday lunchtime was had by all, fundraising for ‘Breast Cancer Now’, taking part in their Big Pink Quiz. Our six competing teams were: Panthers, Magenta Monkeys; Candy Floss; Pink Panthers; Pinky and the Brain and Gulab Jamuns (a prize for anyone who can translate that one!).

The results are finally in and the winning team was Panthers, made up of Mat Piears and Ian Gardner, seen here being presented with a box of Cadbury Heroes by Managing Director, Saheb Dhesi.

Guess the number of Flamingos was won by Samantha Bates and guess the number of puppies was won by Peter Scutts. Spot `Duke’ our puppy, sporting a pink bow!

Further money was raised through our pink cake offering. In total, £65 was raised and kindly doubled by Saheb Dhesi, making a grand total of £130 to donate to Breast Cancer Now. Well done to everyone who took part and entered into the spirit of the fundraising event. A special thank you to our organiser and quizmaster Sharleen Houston.

Also, a great turn out from Gurbachan Singh, sporting a pink turban in support of the campaign.