Meet Roxana, Customer Service Level 2 Apprentice – Manchester

Why did you choose an apprenticeship? 

I chose this course because for me customer service is an area I really enjoy and felt that an apprenticeship was a great opportunity to further build on my skills and help me progress within my career.  


Why the construction industry? 

I feel the construction industry is an interesting but complex area to work within. With the guidance of my mentors, I feel I have been given a great opportunity to improve and continually learn to support my progression within the industry.


What are the benefits? 

I can see first-hand how the logistics around construction projects work in practice and am able to speak to a good mix of colleagues at all levels in different positions, which enables me to learn a lot about the industry. It is also an amazing benefit to be able to see the beauty of the heritage buildings.


Why would you recommend it to others? 

I would recommend an apprenticeship as I feel it is a real confidence boost allowing me to apply the course knowledge not to mention the support from my mentors who guide me in carrying out tasks the best way possible.

A summary of a typical day in the life of an apprentice.
A typical day in my life as an apprentice is to report on site where I work across an array of duties. This includes posting of signage, setting up daily inspection sheets, scanning/uploading of documents as well as laminating. I assist with welfare inspection reports alongside attending classes, completing assignments and occasionally support the site welfare team.

I really enjoy the role and being site based, as with the guidance from my coordinator, it allows me the chance to understand how each role contributes towards the successful completion of the project.