25th Anniversary of World Book Day

This year marks the 25th anniversary of World Book Day. DGP continues to encourage and inspire reading enjoyment. DGP Infrastructure recently donated 160 books to St. Michael’s school in Norfolk.

This World Book Day, we are really excited to share the new Ty D Sites Book, ‘Who Stole the Surveyor’s Lunch’, which will be distributed to DGP staff throughout the week and to local schools around our project site locations.

2022 World Book Day is focusing on reaching children from disadvantaged backgrounds. With that in mind, DGP have donated copies of our latest book to the charity, Children’s Book Project, who will distribute the books on our behalf putting them straight into the hands of the children that need them most.

To also mark World Book’s Day 25th Anniversary we have extended our support to our community by hand delivering 25 books to 63 schools in our surrounding area.