Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event where the whole of the UK focuses on achieving good mental health. This week DGP are happy to announce that we are introducing our workforce to a mental fitness App called Ownminder, in which we are proudly one of the founding members.

Our HR Team, Wellbeing Champions and Site Advocates will be attending a Mind Fitness Fundamentals Workshop presented by the founders of Ownminder this week. Following this workshop, we will be rolling out the ‘Ownminder’ App across all sites, home/office workers where our workforce will be undertaking a Mind Fitness Check, which will help the App configure well-being areas to focus on, in order of priority. We are really excited to get this off the ground to support our workforce in maintaining a healthy mind.

DGP CEO, Saheb Dhesi, said, “I totally understand how pressurised, deadline driven, and mentally challenging working in this industry can be. In addition, we’ve all experienced pressures due to the pandemic and are now faced with the uncertainty of the geo-political situation. Our people are considered part of the DGP family and our most valuable resource – how they are developed, looked after, and rewarded is key to our success. The Ownminder App complements our own wellbeing strategy and values, is proactive in its positive approach to psychological health, and will provide a wealth of wellbeing support to our workforce, supply chain and other key stakeholders we work with.”