‘Let’s get Building’ workshop


DGP were delighted to visit Ifield School in Gravesend where we carried out our first ‘Let’s get building’ workshop carried out across key stage 1,2 and 3. The ‘Let’s get Building’ initiative focuses on bringing to life the Ty D Sites book series, written by DGP CEO Saheb Dhesi. While dressed in child sized PPE, the school children were able to use their own imagination visiting each station while building their own structures, creating roads and while learning the important role of logistics across construction sites.

DGP’s vision is to educate and encourage children to perceive the construction industry as open and welcoming, and one that is culturally diverse. The workshop was presented by DGP CEO Saheb Dhesi on ‘building’ awareness and encouraging a conversation with young readers about construction related themes and terms; on-site safety; road safety; the environment; fire safety; equality, diversity and inclusion, all whilst having lots of fun. With these workshops, DGP hopes to inspire the next generation to be drawn towards an accessible and welcoming construction industry open to all regardless of gender, physical ability, race, religion, colour or creed.

Joe White, Assistant Headteacher said “Saheb and his team provided an engaging, inclusive, hands-on workshop that enthused pupils from across the school. They had carefully planned each activity to provide insights into a variety of roles in the construction industry and beyond”.

“Pupils went back to class excited to take the Ty D Sites book home to share with their family. One member of staff even asked for a copy for their partner”.

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