Another project DGP helped build was the Ambulance Centre, pictured below.

Regional Director for Midlands and North, Taran Singh said, “NHS Nightingale Birmingham was a challenging project, every minute counted. Seeing over 400 people from the construction industry join together and complete this project in a matter of days was a real privilege. Our thanks goes to , who played the leading role and helped make this hospital a reality.”


It has been a busy few days in Birmingham. One of the projects DGP has been tasked with was to help build the mortuary.

Our Contracts Manager, said, “Never has there been a more important time to pull out all the stops. This really brings it home to you how important the government’s message is – Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save lives.”


NHS Nightingale Birmingham – Whilst working on this project, we also helped build the drive through Covid-19 Testing Centre, which opened earlier this week.

Commercial Manager, Louise Down said, “The drive through test centre facilities has 13 lanes and was completed in just 24 hours – a remarkable achievement and a testament to the dedication of all contractors coming together at this important time.”


DGP Logistics have been busy preparing sites to be compliant with the standards set out by the Construction Leadership Council. As part of our on-going ‘Keep your Distance’ campaign, we have been installing floor markers across our UK sites. These are a constant reminder for site teams to observe the 2 metre distancing guidance when queuing up at entrance and exit points, lifts, hoists and welfare facilities.

Follow this physical distancing advice and you will help reduce the spread of Coronavirus and ultimately save lives.


In addition to the equipment DGP Logistics delivered to earlier this week, two Respirators have also been donated.

These respirators combine a face-seal and hood to improve protection for our front line workers.

Once again, our sincere gratitude to all those helping to save lives.


“I’m fortunate that I’m able to bring my puppy Duke into the office with me, so it has been a whole new experience for us both, working from home.

Learning to switch off in the evening has been a challenge, but I think Duke has adapted well. He has managed to get some down time and nailed the ‘cat pose’. He would never have achieved this in the office as his priority was always getting some attention.“


Our brave doctors and nurses are working unthinkable hours, making all kinds of personal sacrifices and risking their own health and lives to save others. It is disheartening to hear stories from many of them that they fear for themselves, their families and their patients when they often don’t have the necessary PPE due to the global demand and shortage.

However, it has been encouraging to see our country pull together and support our NHS and those vulnerable in our society. Anyone who seems capable of contributing is doing their part, with the common aim to beat this virus.

At DGP Logistics, we have managed to purchase a range of PPE to give some of our local health workers the vital protection they need to carry on at the front line.

1,000 safety goggles; 3,000 Nitrile gloves; 60 Coveralls; and some half-face fitted masks with spare P3 filters were delivered to by our team earlier this week. It’s our small contribution in this fight against the virus and our way to express our sincere gratitude to all those helping to save lives. Thank you for everything you are doing.

“Hot desking with my lovely young daughter Analicia. Could she be the next generation Safety Professional?”


“No Cabin fever yet. I’m conditioned to living in one room as I was often grounded as a child for a lot longer – Mind you it was well deserved!

Enjoying a well deserved Fish Finger and Ketchup Sandwich, I always go for five Fish Fingers as they fit nice and snug, if you try six, one will always fall out.”

Our DGP Logistics ‘Keep Your Distance’ poster, displayed on all our sites, is part of an overall campaign that gives simple Physical Distancing advice for everyone on our sites to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus and ultimately save lives.