“No Cabin fever yet. I’m conditioned to living in one room as I was often grounded as a child for a lot longer – Mind you it was well deserved!

Enjoying a well deserved Fish Finger and Ketchup Sandwich, I always go for five Fish Fingers as they fit nice and snug, if you try six, one will always fall out.”

Our DGP Logistics ‘Keep Your Distance’ poster, displayed on all our sites, is part of an overall campaign that gives simple Physical Distancing advice for everyone on our sites to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus and ultimately save lives.

Celebrating Excellence – Congratulations goes to Aman Sandhar, A73 Black Hat Supervisor and Traffic Marshal for winning the individual Safety award for February at Birmingham Airport. , Contracts Manager expressed his delight for the DGP Logistics team winning this award for the third month in a row.

Aman is seen here receiving his award from , Construction Manager at .

There have been some big games this season, but the big one was to come – Mace v DGP Logistics. Both teams from the Greenwich Square project.

Final score, 6-1 to . The only thing that separated the two sides – 5 lucky goals!

DGP Captain Ish, summed the game up, “Everything was complicated by the presence of the opposite team”. With a home advantage to follow in the second leg, can DGP turn their fortunes round?

Our Birmingham Airport team proactively looked at how we could minimise the risk to our team and others on site. Airports are one of the locations identified where people are at a greater risk of contracting the virus.

The DGP management team bought 50 hand gel sanitisers to pass out to DGP operatives and other contractors including: , , and .

The simple hand gel initiative has gained wider recognition with others workers who could also be working with a greater risk of contracting the virus such as airport security – DGP have been happy to share their supply of hand gel sanitisers to help contain the spread of the Corona virus.

The NHS offers this advice – Wash your hands with soap and water often, use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available. Also, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze and DO NOT touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.


Aman Sandhar, A73 Black Hat Supervisor and Traffic Marshal, in action at Birmingham Airport.

One of a number of construction sites throughout the UK where we are currently delivering Traffic Management Services.

Celebrating Excellence – Congratulations goes to Vasil Nascu for winning the individual Safety award for January on the Greenwich Square (Block 3) Project.

Vasil is seen here receiving his award from Tom Dixon Senior Project Manager at Mace.

Celebrating Excellence – Awards two months in a row for the DGP team on the Birmingham Airport TE18 Project. This month the Health and Safety award goes to Sukhjinder Singh. He was recognised for his organisation and managing of the erection of phase 1 and south terminal mass barriers; erecting on nights and turning up for changes at short notice on Sunday morning and Tuesday day shifts, as well as carrying out his evening duties.

Sukhjinder is seen here receiving his award from Richard Doyle, Lead Construction Manager at Mace.

Time to Talk – Sessions supporting Mental health in the workplace were held at 18 DGP sites throughout the UK, yesterday. Sites included Birmingham Airport, One Welbeck Street, Lancer Square, Portsoken Street, Greenwich Square, NO6 East Village Stratford, Marshall Building and Project Cloud in Belvedere.

Here at One Crown Place, the session was lead by Commercial Manager, Sona Rayvadera and HR Manager, Samantha O’Connell.

Sam and Sona delivered an excellent presentation and it wasn’t long before they managed to engage the room in discussing mental health issues that could have the potential of impacting on home and work life.

We can all help in a positive way – If you are not one of the ‘one in four people’ suffering mental health you can still play an important role in showing empathy and supporting your work colleagues.

Pictured below are Mark Butcher, Mace M&E Project Director and Abdul Oluwole, DGP Hoist Driver, enjoying the delicious cup cakes, kindly arranged by a bakery, local to the NO6 East Village site in Stratford.