Construction Logistics

Our comprehensive integrated services have been refined over the past 30-years with the purpose of supporting principal contractor and develop partners, to effectively establish their sites and manage the day-to-day logistical activities of the site, safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Our team deliver the following site services:

• Set-up & Enabling Work
• Security & Access Control
• Fire Safety Management
• Traffic Management & Delivery Coordination
• Welfare, Cleaning and Catering
• Waste Management & Housekeeping
• Office Removals & Relocations

Site Set-up & Enabling Works

DGP will work with your operational teams to plan and set-up your sites, including the provision of any enabling works, hoarding and temporary gates, offices and welfare facilities, car parking provisions and temporary works, to allow your teams to concentrate on constructing the project.

Site Security & Access Control (DGP Security)

DGP Security, our specialist security division, provide bespoke end to end security services. We provide consultative services during the pre-construction phase and a full range of security management and guard service throughout the build programme.

DGP Security are Approved Contractor Scheme

(ACS) accredited for Security Guarding and Key Holding. Our officers are carefully selected, vetted to BS7858, expertly trained and effectively supported to deliver exceptional service. Our guard services, advanced electronic and video systems include biometric or proximity reader based access control equipment that can be customised to your specific needs. We also offer key management services and manage the ‘Permit to Work’ issuing process – More extensive details on security management can be found in the Security Management section.

Site Fire Safety Management

We support clients to develop robust fire safety plans, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone working and visiting site. Safety routes are effectively signed, emergency exits are inspected and maintained and alarms routinely tested. Firefighting equipment is provided, installed, and maintained. Our Fire Marshals focus on identifying and mitigating risks and produce routine status reports.

Site Traffic Management & Delivery Coordination

Effective traffic management is vital to prevent accidents and congestion on the roads, plus the safe and efficient flow of personnel, vehicles, and materials on site. Every construction site has a unique layout with different access points; bespoke requirements and tasks; different users and a variety of machinery – All are evaluated and incorporated into our traffic management plans.

Traffic management and the coordination of material deliveries is a critical activity on every site and effective planning and communication is essential. Our traffic management teams are highly trained and follow strict compliance procedures to ensure this is done safely and effectively. To achieve this, our teams utilise an online traffic management booking system, to ensure deliveries are well coordinated and the project team is kept up-to-date with logistics plans and real time delivery information.

Site Welfare, Cleaning and Catering

Looking after people’s welfare on-site is of paramount importance. We believe that feeling safe, comfortable and working in a clean and well kept environment is a prerequisite and improves productively, motivation and projects a professional image to visitors and members of the public.

We supply, install, and maintain staff accommodation blocks, canteens, washrooms, changing and drying areas, and communal areas. This includes regular cleaning, builders clean and deep cleaning.

Our teams also provide full catering services and focus on delivering high quality nutritious menus to cater for all dietary requirements.

Site Waste Management & Housekeeping

At DGP we are committed to delivering exemplary waste management services and have committed to an ambitious target to achieve Net-Zero by 2025. We appreciate the role we play in the effective management of construction waste is a pivotal one and our teams are proud of the extensive number of site awards they have received.

Our team will implement several waste management initiatives and processes to help sites to reduce their production of waste and disposal costs, together with KPI’s to track performance and reward our employees for initiatives that deliver results. We provide and install effective waste management signage and set up clearly defined waste collection areas with separate waste streams identified. Our recycling programme includes metal, cardboard, paper, food, plastic, metal, timber, glass and plasterboard.

Site Office Removals & Relocations

When there is a need to move the location of site offices during the construction programme or move your construction offices to a new location, DGP can provide a complete removal and relation service. This includes furniture, disassembly, relocation, reassembly and man-and-a-van services. Whatever the challenge, we have the experience and resources to make it happen, including the provision of storage boxes and relocation labels. We can also provide a range of short and long-term storage solutions at either of our storage facilities in Perivale or Southfleet.

Set-up & Enabling WorkSecurity & Access ControlFire Safety ManagementTraffic Management & Delivery Coordination
Welfare, Cleaning & CateringWaste Management & HousekeepingOffice Removals & Relocations

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