Core Values

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Health and Safety is embedded within DGP culture, but is never taken for granted and always planned and challenged. We are committed to applying the same level of compassion and support to employees’ mental health and wellbeing. 

Our People

DGP is a family-owned business and everyone who works with us is considered a valued member of that family. We are working hard to build a company which is diverse, inclusive, promotes equality and provides support to each employee to have a rewarding careers.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We take sustainability and our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to forming a charitable foundation in 2023 to channel our social and community driven activities which will include creating career opportunities for those who need a second chance. We are also accelerating our committed to be kinder to the environment, by setting 2025 as our Net-Zero Target.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Effective communication, collaboration and teamwork is central to the way DGP operate and support our clients to excel. 

Operational Excellence

Our 30+ years of experience, coupled with a relentless focus on improving, innovating and getting the small things right, all fuel our passion to achieve operational excellence.

Dependable, Trusted Partner

DGP teams are focused on being, proactive, dependable, trusted partners, delivering exceptional services and acting with integrity and transparency.