NHS Nightingale Birmingham update

Another project DGP helped build was the Ambulance Centre

NHS Nightingale Birmingham – Mortuary

It has been a busy few days in Birmingham. One of the projects DGP has been tasked with was to help build the mortuary

NHS Nightingale Birmingham – Drive through testing centre

Whilst working on this project, we also helped build the drive through Covid-19 Testing Centre

‘Keep your distance’ Campaign

DGP Logistics have been busy preparing sites to be compliant with the standards set out by the Construction Leadership Council

More PPE donated to Darent Valley Hospital

In addition to the equipment DGP Logistics delivered to Darent Valley Hospital earlier this week, two Respirators have also been donated.

Work From Home update – HR Manager, Samantha O’Connell

I’m fortunate that I’m able to bring my puppy Duke into the office with me, so it has been a whole new experience for us both, working from home.

DGP donate a range of PPE to Darent Valley Hospital

Our brave doctors and nurses are working unthinkable hours, making all kinds of personal sacrifices and risking their own health and lives to save others

Work From Home update – QHSE Manager,
Dr Lowellyne James

“Hot desking with my lovely young daughter Analicia

Work From Home update – Contracts Manager, Jason Everest

“No Cabin fever yet. I’m conditioned to living in one room as I was often grounded as a child for a lot longer

Keep Your Distance Campaign

Our DGP Logistics ‘Keep Your Distance’ poster, displayed on all our sites

Celebrating Excellence – Congratulations goes to Aman Sandhar

Aman Sandhar, A73 Black Hat Supervisor and Traffic Marshal wins the individual Safety award for February