Our brave doctors and nurses are working unthinkable hours, making all kinds of personal sacrifices and risking their own health and lives to save others. It is disheartening to hear stories from many of them that they fear for themselves, their families and their patients when they often don’t have the necessary PPE due to the global demand and shortage.

However, it has been encouraging to see our country pull together and support our NHS and those vulnerable in our society. Anyone who seems capable of contributing is doing their part, with the common aim to beat this virus.

At DGP Logistics, we have managed to purchase a range of PPE to give some of our local health workers the vital protection they need to carry on at the front line.

1,000 safety goggles; 3,000 Nitrile gloves; 60 Coveralls; and some half-face fitted masks with spare P3 filters were delivered to by our team earlier this week. It’s our small contribution in this fight against the virus and our way to express our sincere gratitude to all those helping to save lives. Thank you for everything you are doing.